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Hello! Hola! Nǐ hǎo! Bonjour! Jam-bo!          Përshëndetje!  Marhaba!
 Welcome to Northview ES PTO Inc.

The PTO was created December 2019 with the vision of forming an organization that focused on building a supportive community around all scholars. The Northview Elementary community includes student's families, teachers, school support staff and local leaders. As well as those that provide services to foster our children's development, support teachers, in addition to creating a safe, joyous and encouraging school environment. With determination, support and passion, we can all positively impact the Northview Elementary School environment in order for our scholars to thrive. Thanks for your interest in our school community and organization!

The PTO consist of numerous diverse positions in order to advocate, support, celebrate and foster education at Northview ES. Voting board members include officers and committee leaders. The PTO encourages staff and family members to JOIN. Your IDEAS and PARTICIPATION is NEEDED! Become a LEADER or committee MEMBER!


President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and Committee Leaders

Committee Leaders: ( Under Revision April 2024)

The Family Engagement Committee shall ensure that families are an integral part of Northview Elementary School. 

The Staff Engagement Committee will serve as representatives of Northview Elementary School teachers, aides, and other persons that foster a safe and enriching environment.

The Communications Committee manages social media, website and creation of flyers.

The Beautification and Staff Appreciation Committee shall coordinate activities to improve the school environment.

The Student & School Advocacy shall ensure that the PTO membership is informed about issues before the local, state, or Federal government that could have an effect on Northview Elementary School.

The Fundraising Committee develops and facilitates fundraisers to reach the PTO’s financial goals

The Special Events Committee facilitates events PTO lead events as well as assist during school-initiated events


Please review Northview ES PTO By-Laws for a detailed description of each position. Thanks for your interest.

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